Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fine Ladies

It was about a week ago, and I was doing some standups around a local corner. The trick I was practicing was a knee down corner into knee down speedcheck. I landed it three of four times, and had done it many times before. Then I tried it and didn't push my leg out enough for the speedcheck, leaving me slightly frustrated. Thats when I saw her. She was a cutie with a bootie, talking on her cell phone while walking. I then knew I had to perfect this trick and impress her. So I go into the corner, everything is perfect. I notice her looking at me, and I remember to kick my leg out enough and get the board as sideways as possible. It's going perfectly, the board goes completely sideways. Senora Caliente is looking right at me, as I get thrown off the board in a highside. I land on my feet, and nearly do a somersault on the pavement. I look at the hottie, and notice that my board and her right shin are on course for a violent collision. I sprint, using my cross country running skills and almost check her as I put my foot on the sector nine roots shooting towards her ankle. The girl gave me a dirty look and kept on walking.
Next try, I do the trick perfectly. My board slides 90 degrees sideways as I grab the back of the tail, my knee staying on the board. I did this just in time for a grandma who was walking at the same spot (apparently people enjoy walking in my neighborhood) to see me and day "you're pretty good at that!"
So do any of you have any entertaining stories containing you trying to impress either hot girls or grandmas (I wouldn't know what you like)

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