Thursday, December 25, 2008

Flexdex Videos

So, awhile ago, I wrote a disappointing review on Flexdex's new drop through board. I was scared of harassment when I saw that Stephan Reinhardt (spelling?) had commented on it. I didn't want it to be like the Street Swell comment.  But it wasn't, Stephan is a cool dude, and he asked me to do a review on some of Flexdex's videos. So here it goes.
Hit or miss is a very good term. So is amateur. In need of filming and editing classes is another good one. 
As a whole, the videos leaned to the miss part. Stephan had about half of his tricks very stlylish and well done, while the other tricks were pretty bad. The other people were pretty bad. Most of the songs were pretty bad, while Fortress by Pinback was in one of the videos, which is a very good song.
The filming was bad, the editing was worse. The music and riding had no coordination whatsoever. The filming was shaky, and the light was terrible in a majority of the clips. I want to know why the person who edited their videos decided to include the barely landed or unstylish tricks. Most of the videos were what would normally be considered throwaway clips.
Amateur. This describes alot of the riding. If I worked for Flexdex, I might sponsor Stephan if he had a very good application, but wouldn't consider anyone else from the videos. Alot of kids on the fish have better skills and better videos than these people.
So to sum it up, hit or MISS is a good term. But just note how miss is capitalized and hit isn't.

On other notes: Merry Christmas! Feel free to share what skate related gifts you got! or un-skate related things are fine too I guess. A review of western sessions should be coming up soon.
Also, I hope to have a very intellectual post with interviews with some big names comin up soon.
And I know, it's been months since I have last posted, my new years resolution will be to post more!


Stephan Reinhardt said...

rough review..but i guess i should just step my game up eh?

Philip said...

youve got the right idea