Monday, June 9, 2008

New Earthwing Superglider Graphic

Errrrrr I mean new Bustin board! The Soujourn has arrived. As Wells pointed out and you can probably see from above, the Bustin is almost identical to a Superglider.
It is bamboo, unlike the Superglider. It is 5 inches shorter at 35 in. You can customize it, but expect to pay $140 for it! 140! The Superglider costs $80 at mile high skates. That's almost twice the price for 5 in. less deck and some weeds. 
Will the Bustin be an amazing board with a sick graphic? Yes. Is it worth $60 more? No.
Just do yourself a favor and buy a Superglider, especially since the new ones will have wheel wells.


Anonymous said...

you really think there the eact same. How lite are they both?

Philip said...

well, in theory the bustin should be lighter due to its length but the superglider does have composites i believe. the superglider weighs a little over 3 pounds but bustin hasnt released the weight of the soujourn yet