Sunday, June 8, 2008

no longboarding for a while, atleast for me

Two days ago i had a half day of school. Got picked up by my dad and went to the church where he works so he could finish up some stuff he had to do. I had some goldfish and a rootbeer and woke up  looking at a bloody hospital bed while getting put in a cat scan machine. The first thing I thought was dang it, I fell longboarding.
I don't remember any of this but its what i have heard. I went speedboarding on my favorite road which starts on a steep section into a tight right hander, this section of the road, I had not done more than once before. I most likely started low on the steep section then worked my way up. 
There are multiple ways i could have fallen on the turn. I could have lost traction then regripped and highsided, or I could have hit gravel and flipped forward. Either way I have road rash on my elbow, knees back and head. I was wearing my helmet, so I most likely fell luge style and my helmet caught the road and it slipped up my head.
A lady who lives in the house on the corner was unpacking groceries and heard my fall. She came over to help me and i didnt respond to her. I picked up my stuff and proceeded to walk home. She knew I wouldn't make it home and saw that I was bleeding from my head, so she took me inside. I called my sister, said hello, then handed the phone to the lady because I had no clue what was going on. My parents came and took me to the hospital.
I now have a concussion and am out of the hospital. I had an iv in my arm,so now I look as if I shot heroin. I'm not in pain. I've got 2 weeks of no exercise and 6 months where I can't afford another head injury. Now go skate enough for me!

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