Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ask A Skater, Part 1

Dear Sk8r,

Should i make myself a peanut butter sandwich? This requires going downstairs and removing all of the needed foodstuffs from their respective places and putting in slight effort, such as spreading said peanut butter on the bread, and jerking my refrigerator open. I really don't know what to do, can you help?

- I. M. Hungree

Dear Hungree,
Why peanut butter? A marshmallow fluff and nutella mix would be much more rewarding.

Dear Skater,

Would you rather be an amazing Dh skater or an amazing street skater?

- Ian

Dear Ian, 
That is a difficult question. On one hand, being an amazing speedboarder would let me be able to use more intense roads, and you always get the girls if you tell them you've been 60 mph on a skateboard. On the other hand, an amazing street skater would make it possible to skate anywhere and everywhere, and I would love my own shoes.
I would have to go with amazing speedboarder, because it would not only be sweet, but it would help me with other disciplines too.

- Philip

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