Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ask A Skater, Part 3

hi skater,

i recently made the mistake of going on a couple of dates with a roLOLerblader.
he had a real funny way of speaking, even in British standards.
Session = Good
Pissed = Good
Died/Dying = Falling over
Fishbrain = Stupid RoLOLerblading trick
It goes on, it REALLY does...(and they all speak this way, i really don't get it nor did i understand anything he said...)

I'm really just intrigued as to whether American longboarders have crazy phrases such as these?

- the only girl that actually longboards

Dear the only girl that actually longboards,

killing it = good
eating gnarshmallows = good
eating pavement = bad
The list goes on for us too, I'll add some more when i can think of them

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