Sunday, August 17, 2008

Karrot Bushings Review

Karrot Bushings are made in Hawaii, by a guy named, well Karrot. They are lathed and cut out of abec 11 wheels. Then a magic spell is cast on them, which is what makes them so amazing.
Product: pink 77a stims top and bottom front, pink 77a stims top and jimZ bottom
Used On: Zealous Felon, Randal 150s, Lime 66mm ZigZags
The Feel: Amazing. I have these bushings fairly loose, loose enough that I almost get wheelbite. These bushings have made randals carve like real trucks for the first time for me. But even after this, they are the most stable bushings I have ever ridden. They turn perfectly. I've stuck turns, drifted turns, slid and bombed faster than I've been before, and I got them yesterday afternoon. In comparison to JimZ bushings, they are not in the same class. They are stabler and turn a billion times better.
Price: $5 per bushing, 2 for shipping and 1 for paypal fees.
Final: Completely worth it. These can easily change around any setup and are a large improvement over any other bushings on the market.

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