Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Amazing Day, So Happy!

Well, today my ceviche arrived. I will have a review up soon as I get a good feel for the board.
But, as surprising as this may sound, that was not the highlight of my day. Here's the story:
So, a couple of days ago I sent Adam Colton the link to this site in hopes to get it on the loaded newsletter. This is the email I received on sunday: 
hahah sweet blog bud,

You know what I like about it.  You are honest and down to earth.  Very good.  Shall have Louis post this in the newsletter to give you some more traffic.


So yesterday (January 5th), Longboarding with Philip was in the Loaded Newsletter! Oh Joy!

In other news, here is a great dancing video. Definitely the best I've seen in a while.
See ya later alligator!

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