Thursday, January 1, 2009

Western Sessions

Well, here it goes, a review of the Original Skateboards mini-series Western Sessions. Find it here.
Well, there were some great points to Western Sessions. The scenery was amazing. It has beautiful shots of the pacific coast, mountains and great sunsets. The roads and skate spots were amazing. Tons of ditches, banks, perfect turns and traffic-less roads. Western Sessions takes you through some of the best skating locations and cities in the world. The music was pretty good. Some songs weren't very good, but skating classic 'West Coast' by Coconut Records was included, and that alone made up for any bad songs.
Now that sounded like a pretty good review, didn't it? GOTCHA!
Sum Western Sessions up in one word? Boring. Sum it up in two? Boring boring. This pattern doesn't break. Nor does the pattern of the riding. Back and forth. To and Fro. Like a metronome. There is one trick. It's a nose manual into shuv-it down a bank. That was cool. It was also the only trick. I could count the amount of slides on my fingers and toes. Take away my toes? That leaves me with the top speed of the video.
We can't blame the riders though. I truly believe that it's the trucks fault. They turn too much, plain and simple. I know I wouldn't want to go over 10 mph on one of those things. Nor would I want to land anything on them. So let's decide to forgive them for that part, ok?
Something unforgivable though, is the amount of 'lifestyle' footage there is. I would say it's over half. For instance, let's take the sixth episode. It is 8 minutes and 10 seconds long. There was no longboarding in the first 4 minutes and 46 seconds of the video. That means in the first half of the video, there was NO riding. This would be ok if the riding was amazing, or if the 'lifestyle' shots were funny, interesting, or even entertaining. But they weren't. At all.
The last part of the review is on the post series, but I'm not even gonna talk about it. I'm just not.

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