Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Independent's 30th Year Anniversary Tour DVD

This is the DVD that came with the last Concrete Wave. Today, due to the boredom of sick days, I finally got around to watching it.
All I can say is bravo. These guys are really pushing the mold. They are so cool, and this DVD is like no other the skating world has ever seen. The skating was ok, but the style was bar none! A couple people had pretty bad style and skating though, like Lance Mountain and Christian Hosoi, and the DVD had a little too much of them in it. The other skating was so progressive though, it was amazing. It really shows what amazing things can be done with Independent trucks, especially their carving abilities.
The lifestyle shots really showed me how cool skateboarders are. This would be a great DVD to show to people who have a negative rep about skateboarding, to make them learn how good it is. From close-ups of trashy girls trashily dressed, to nearly hitting cars, to a large amount of fireworks in nearly every scene!
The videography in this was definitely something to write home about, but was nothing compared to the amazing music. Really, this music was the least cliche music in a skateboarding video ever. I could just listen to the music and it would make me happy.
Don't waste your time, this movie sucks, period.

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