Sunday, April 6, 2008

new seismic boards

I have to say, I haven't really been a fan of Seismic. Their trucks seem unnecessarily complex and their wheels are ugly and seem like nothing special. I just always thought Seismics were too robotic and had no, well, just no soul. Longboarding is about flow and connection. Now I've never ridden Seismics but they just seem wrong.  Not anymore. Their new line is simply stunning. The boards all have a nice odd look, very strange looking, but definitely some of the most beautiful boards I've ever seen. And they should be. All the boards are signed and numbered by the artist, Mad King. The form or art is Wabi-Sabi, a japanese ugly beauty type thing. They all feature a nice wood top with clear grip. It would make me all more cause I'd be looking at the deck to much. 
Lets start with the Cameron. 42" by 9.5" with concave, camber, slight flex, a 30.5" wheelbase and a reinforced tail, you can tell it's gonna be awesome.
Next we have the Temple Fish. This twin tailed, concaved, board is definitely going to be a park-pipe-slide deck. It's 36" by 9" with a 20.5" wheelbase and only 3 lbs. I will be surprised if this doesn't get eaten up, even though it has camber and slight flex.
MMMMMMeg, this 36" by 9" camber-concave bat-tail (their description) seems like a carving machine. With a 22.5" wheelbase it should be a great pumper. It also had a great graphic.
Almost a carbon copy of the Meg, the Jamie is 30" by 8.25" with the exact shape except for the rocker instead of the camber. It reminds me of a more conservative humu. Described as a "highly-versatile small carver. Classic shape with great character...."
And last, but definitely the best, we have the Buddha. This 28" by 8.25" inch mini with a wheelbase of 15" will surely impress. It has concave, rocker and a beautiful nose and kick. I would not mind having one of those.
Now you might be scrambling for one of these, but there are a few things wrong. Each deck in the line up has medium to stiff flex, way to be versatile. They are quite expensive, with retail prices around 135$ dollars for the decks, which is about as much as a gravity complete.
So, will I buy one? no, if i got it discounted? yes. I would definitely recommend  getting one if you have the money, but the beauty of these boards is not worth $135. For me. But it is your preference, and keep in mind, I have never ridden anything by seismic. for more

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