Monday, April 14, 2008

Rayne Speedboards

I've decided to do a little talking about the rayne speedboards line. These boards are and have been considered some of the best speedboards around for years. Now, yes, they do have some quality control issues, so if you want your boards shape to LOOK perfect then don't buy a rayne. I would, however, suggest one to you if you were looking for a board that PERFORMS perfect.
Now, the Hellcat. This is the first deck i've talked about that i have owned, or for that fact, ridden, and yah, I sold it recently, but that doesn't mean it wasn't pure secks. It corners well, it's stable, it feels amazing underfoot and it could be one of the best graphics ever. If your a total nut, there is a carbon-fiber version. I would suggest crails and powerballs or flywheels with it. I would definitely suggest this to a friend.
Up next, the Demonseed. This is one of the most respected boards, ever. K-Rimes rips his, you can spot riders all through vancouver with them, I'm not even sure i've seen a bad review. It is drop deck drop through and has an immense 10" wide platform. This board can go fast, and corner so well it's amazing. The speedboarding community would agree with me in saying it's amazing.
The Avenger is another amazing board, this time it's a topmount. Again, only good reviews.
It follows the same formula as the other rayne speedboards, amazingness. It comes in carbon fiber taboot.
And last, the new NEMISIS! I have to say, just from looking at this board, it's beautiful. I have absolutely no clue how it rides, but I imagine its terrible. I say this because most people will ride it wrong, not being able to keep their eyes away from the bottom of the board, they will ride it upside down. But in all seriousness, it'll probably ride amazingly.
Tis all for now, more to come.
Visit to see pics, prices, and info on the entire rayne line.

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