Sunday, April 27, 2008

street swell longboards

I recently read an article on Street Swell Longboards. I have to say these thing are beautiful. Just looking at them before they're even boards makes me say WOW!

Street Swell boards are made factory-style in California. They are v-lam with fiberglass. They have plans to make boards with carbon-fiber, a speedboard and more shapes.

There is a reason to not buy one of these boards. A very BIG reason. That would be the price tag. $450 dollars a board. 450! How are they still in business! If you bought one of these boards for that price, please put it in a museum. This board probably performs like a 
tractor-trailer. A very good looking tractor-trailer but a tractor-trailer none the less. I will give you more pictures, but for heaven's sake don't buy one.


John said...

Ouch, while I appreciate the kind words about the esthetics telling people not to buy one isn’t helpful. We are not a factory and have many hours of personal attention in every board. While they don’t ride like a Loaded every board has a unique character. Ask any one that has one and they will tell you they love it. We would love to sell them for 100 bucks but then we would not still be in business.

Philip said...

I'm sorry if i came came out sounding mean. These boards truly are beautiful. I myself, and a large majority of the longboarding community, do believe that it is unimportant how a board looks, and that function is much more important. I know that if i can buy a board that performs better for less money, no matter how it looks, i will. If you can convince people that these boards ride 100$ better than the loaded dancer then people will buy them. I think that won't be too difficult either. If you would like to email me about your boards performance I would love to publish a new revision to this post. I apologize for this, but I can only judge you on what I see, and that is a price tag equal to 4-5 other boards.

John said...

We understand our market and by no means suggesting that this is the only board you should have. I myself have 2 landyachts, a Libtech, a Sector Nine, a loaded, an Arbor and a Hamboard. All of which I love. We’re just saying for that special occasion or that lovely lady in your life, this might be the board for you. Really attractive is not always a bad thing. Thanks for running a cool blog. Piece John, Street Swell Inc.

Matilda said...

Well written article.