Saturday, April 19, 2008

online magazine?

Have you ever wanted to read a longboarding magazine, but then realized you've read every Concrete Wave 17 times and memorized all of the articles. Well, good news, sort of.
Naphte has just introduced an online interactive longboarding magazine. You might of heard of it if you go to silverfish or get the loaded news letter. With the magazine you can read the articles, watch the videos and listen to their music. You can check it out at
There are some problems though. You can't read the articles without supervision, and once you can read them they aren't the best. They talk about watching videos but there aren't any. They feature some sketchy companies, like blackkross, whose dancer board is identical to an old school dancer, and is called an old school dancer.
Now you might be thinking there is no hope, but for those of you who don't get Concrete Wave you can now download them online. They only have 2 of them and they are hard to read but anyways, they have good articles. MajorLinkage:
Galac Boards profile to come as soon as Sam Galac gets back to me.

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